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The brand story heard ’round the world


Pope Francis poses for a selfie. I am in awe of the teenagers who were gusty enough to ask him to do it!

A story via the BBC News says that the word “selfie” has been named the 2013 Word of the Year by the Oxford English Dictionary. Estimates say it increased in usage by approximately 17,000% in the last year. Other contenders included “twerk,” “binge-watching” and “schmeat.” (Schmeat. Now there’s another story . . .)

But wait. 17,000 percent? Next year’s word better be good. That’s a lot of statistic to live up to.

But there’s a deeper story here. That’s the story of a Pope that has reinvented the Holy See. I’m not even a Catholic and even I know that this Pope’s brand story is one of humility and humor. Now that’s telling a powerful story.

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