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10 thoughts on words

b&w woman at old typewriter

How to make writing easier with just 10 little tips.

#1. Words don’t dress to impress. They’re happiest in play clothes.
#2. Got writer’s block? Outline! It sucks, but it usually helps.
#3. Companies have “best kept secrets” because they’re “bad at marketing.”

#4. English is a living language. Don’t be a dinosaur — evolve!

#5. Write little. Say much. Darn. Didn’t need ten words here.

#6. Write precisely! Make every word as crisp as this period.

#7. A thesaurus provides options when needed, not answers when desperate.

#8. Write like you talk. It’s a conversation, not a thesis.

#9. Read your work! Spell checking doesn’t get that “homonym thing.”

#10. Save your work! Being on deadline usually means computer prob

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