creative haberdashery

hat-two-sidesHi there. I’m your flip side.


I’m the partner who rescues you from solitary creative contemplation.

The team player who brings fresh thinking to the table.

The voice behind amazing brands.

The strategist who has worked through a billionty contradictory directives and emerged with a grin and a plan.

Call on me to bridge creative with business for a strategy that works smart . . . and work you’ll be proud of.

Rock more concepts

with a creative partner known for game-changing insights and killer copy

Win more pitches

with ideas that resonate both strategically and creatively

Boost business growth 

with add-on ideas that increase your scope of work


Ninety-Nine Hats happily supplies creative haberdashery to everything from healthcare to self-promos to fashion. I’d love to do the same with you.



cindi acker-hein

cindi acker-hein

creative strategist
25 years ago, I grabbed my hat and went searching for my own personal opiate: newness. Ninety-Nine Hats symbolizes my need for freshness. Now I'm loving my work: teaming up with awesome creatives. Dreaming up new voices for brands large and small. Breaking the fourth wall. Heck, beating it to smithereens. Welcome to my world.Read more...


  • basketball-ninety-nine-hatsThis might be me.
      I have the somewhat freaky ability to get into the mind of any target audience. It doesn’t matter that I’m female, nearing 60, and just 5 feet tall. If your target is a 24 year-old male [...]


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"The combination of creative and logical instincts make Cindi a rare commodity."